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Archive - Ceramic - Majolica K0156
Small Majolica Figural Character Fox Bottle

Small Majolica Figural Character Fox Bottle

  Details sold K0141
Sarreguemines Majolica Figural Owl Vase; Faiencerie de Sarreguemines

Sarreguemines Majolica Figural Owl Vase

  Details sold K0104
Minghetti Majolica Bust; Angelo Minghetti, Bologna

Minghetti Majolica Bust

  Details sold K0094
Two Ginori Snake Handle Vases; Ginori Doccia

Two Ginori Snake Handle Vases

  Details sold K0065
Choisy-Le-Roy Vase With Rooster; Hautin & Boulenger Choisy-le-Roi

Choisy-Le-Roy Vase With Rooster

  Details sold K0038
Large Znaim Wall Plate; Rudolf Ditmar Znaim

Large Znaim Wall Plate

  Details sold K0036
Large Comport; École de Tours

Large Comport

  Details sold K0035
Hugo Lonitz Table Mirror; Hugo Lonitz Neuhaldersleben

Hugo Lonitz Table Mirror

  Details sold K0033
Harpy Vase; École de Tours

Harpy Vase

  Details sold